Ministry of Health Clamps Down On Fake Drinks, Fake Zobo Producers in Calabar

In a bit to end quackery in medical practice in Cross River State as determined by the administration of Governor Ben Ayade, health sector and Food safety area in the state has heightened due to the prompt and timely mediation of the Health Commissioner Dr Betta Edu and her team of health worker who have bursted and put an end to the illegal production of food and drink items as well as fake drugs in Cross River State.

It is the interest of the Ministry to ensure the well being of every Cross Riverian, from what they consume as food to what they consume as drugs. . This has been further proven as she led the Food Safety Taskforce round the State in search of quack/fake producers of major consumable items.

Today, luck ran out of one Mr Bassey Gideon Attah a resident of No.5 Atekong Lane Off Douglas Bassey, State Housing Estate who owns a Zobo production firm that is way below standard and doesn’t meet any of the criteria of food safety regulations. Mr Attah who has been producing fake and unhygienic Zobo for public consumption for a couple of years now was apprehended and the firm shut down by the State’s Ministry of Health.

Speaking during the inspection, Dr Betta Edu expressed her displeasure at the level of mischief that could be exhibited by some persons to their fellow man in their quest for money.

“It’s so unfortunate that people could be this wicked and mean to their own fellow man, you can imagine the environment where the said Zobo is being prepared for public consumption. The so called fermented ginger which he claims adds spice to the Zobo drink is always left open with flies perching on it, the containers are unwashed and most times picked up at very dirty drainages and trashes, the environment itself is an eyesore yet people work here in the name of producing Zobo.”

“Tell me why they won’t be outbreak of diseases like typhoid, dysentery, cholera etc. As a government we’ll not allow this to happen as such whoever is caught will be made to face the full weight of the law just like this man here today.”

Meanwhile, Mr Gideon Attah pleaded that he was never aware of any certain standard setup for the production of Zobo and also promised that he’ll never embark on such an illegal activity. He also appealed that an opportunity be given to him to visit the State’s Ministry of Health and get more knowledge on how he can run such a firm correctly.

Also speaking, The Special Adviser to the Governor on Health Dr David Ushie on his part admonished all cross riverians not to remain silent when they come in contact with any form of illegal activities that could endanger the life of citizens and cause severe disease outbreak to the general public. But should immediately call the attention of the State Commissioner for Health, himself, the Director of Public Health, Food Safety Department of the CRSMOH or even the Police so legal actions can be taken on such a person.

Cross riverians are therefore advised to always know the source of whatever they consume as there is a very high rate of fake and expired products in circulation especially those that are not properly recycled like the so call Zobo which could have been produced a couple of weeks ago but because there’s no expiration date, it was still being sold to people,  Dr Iwara added.

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