Youths hold solidarity rally in support of President Tinubu in Abuja

Youths affiliated with the Nigeria Civil Society Forum (NCSF) are currently at the Unity Fountain in the Business District Centre of Abuja for a massive rally endorsing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his administration.

The rally, organized to counter what participants perceived as inaccurate narratives about the government, saw enthusiastic youths adorned in white T-shirts and Fez caps with the resounding message, “Jagaban is working.”

The rally attracted a diverse group of young participants who arrived as early as 9 am; all united in their support for President Tinubu.

The attire, marked by the symbolic white T-shirts and Fez caps, created a visually striking and cohesive expression of their endorsement for the administration’s policies and initiatives.

Carrying an array of placards, the participants conveyed their messages of support through impactful slogans and statements.

Phrases such as “Jagaban is working” were boldly displayed by the youths.

The organizers of the solidarity rally explicitly stated that their primary objective was to challenge what they considered to be incorrect portrayals of the current state of affairs in the country.

They asserted that President Tinubu’s administration is steadfast in its pursuit of various programs and policies aimed at national development.

During the rally, several participants expressed their perspectives on President Tinubu’s leadership and the importance of countering misinformation.

Many echoed their belief that the administration is making significant progress in various sectors, and the rally served as a platform for them to voice their support openly.

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