The Federal Government Enrolls 750,000 Nigerians in Health Insurance Scheme

During the third edition of the ministerial press briefing series in Abuja, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof Muhammad Pate, announced that the Federal Government had enrolled approximately 750,000 Nigerians into the National Health Insurance Scheme. This enrollment drive is part of the administration’s efforts to provide health coverage to over 50 million Nigerians, especially the vulnerable and elderly, by 2027.

The briefing series, initiated by the Ministry of Information, aims to showcase achievements and address governance challenges. Dr. Salma Anas-Ibrahim, the Special Adviser to the President on Health, emphasized the commitment to achieve universal health coverage, ensuring that no Nigerian is left behind.

In October 2023, the Federal Government launched operational guidelines for the 2022 National Health Insurance Authority Act to facilitate the implementation of health insurance and improve access to affordable healthcare services for all Nigerians.

Pate highlighted the government’s efforts to expand health insurance coverage, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. He announced plans to digitize the nation’s healthcare system within the next two weeks, aiming to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes. The government is also focusing on improving tertiary healthcare services, with investments earmarked for infrastructure development and capacity building in specialized medical services.

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