Security Man Arrested For Raping a Primary School Girl In Calabar

A security man has been arrested by police officers in Calabar for attempting to rape a primary school girl. The incident occurred on Monday, 15th March 2021 at about 9:15am at 45th street in state housing Calabar, Cross River State.

According to sources, the rape attempt was averted by some young men who observed the old man’s movement and how he tried to lure the girl into the compound where he works as a security man, while promising to give her two hundred naira.

“I saw her on the street and asked her why she was not in school, she said she does not have money to buy book so I told her I was going to give her two hundred naira. She followed me, I have not slept with her yet. I wanted to have sex with her truly speaking but she said no, she was late for school” he said.

Although, the man denied sleeping with the primary school girl, he admitted he had intents of sleeping with her. Meanwhile, the girl, a pupil of the Government Primary School State Housing Calabar insisted that she has been violated by the said security man.

Sources has it that the security man is in his 50’s but has no wife and no children.

According to neighbors, the security man has previously been arrested by the police for violating children.  

The young girl was made to undergo checkup while the security man was arrested by the police officers.

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