June 16, 2024

Rt. Hon. Hilary Ekpang Bisong Sends Birthday Message To Unical VC

Dearest mum,

Today marks yet another milestone in the calendar of your life.

The joy of every child is to grow up with motherly love. This, you have bequeathed on us, your children, myself being a direct beneficiary and testimony of that love.

Mother, I celebrate you today and always, for the lofty strides and achievements you have garnered to your credit.
I appreciate in particular, your sacrifices for the betterment of the family, the University community which you have served with all your heart, and to the society at large.

As you celebrate today, be sure that you are loved.
May this New age bring you even greater peace, love and blessings.

My wife and children, your own grand children, send you their warm and joyful Felicitations.
Happy birthday to you mummy!

Osowo Asama!

Rt. Hon. Hilary Ekpang Bisong.
For the Ekpang family.

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