Police Apprehend Four Imposters Posing as Soldiers, Seize Ammunition in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has detained four individuals for falsely representing themselves as army personnel on Aina Street, Oshodi, and other locations in Lagos on February 19, 2024.

According to police sources, Ben Okafor, Darlington Iheanacho, Jonathan Yahaya, and Mohammed Umar were apprehended following covert operations conducted across the state.

Okafor and Iheanacho were arrested around 10:30 p.m. on Monday on Aina Street. Okafor, who claimed to be a corporal in the Nigerian Army, was found with a jackknife during a scuffle with another man identified as Oludotun.

While the police were still determining Oludotun’s involvement, he was suspected of collaborating with the two.

During a search of the suspects, who raised suspicions about their identities, police found a counterfeit Nigerian Army identity card bearing the name CPL Geoffrey Emmanuel with serial number 140861, a jackknife, and pepper spray.

The police source stated, “Okafor, who claimed to be a Corporal in the Nigerian Army, was seen with a jackknife alongside one Darlington Chidebere Iheanacho fighting one Oludotun. The latter reported that the soldier was chasing him with a jackknife and threatened to kill him.”

In a separate incident a few hours later, Yahaya and Umar were arrested for wearing black combat boots and camouflage trousers similar to Nigerian Army uniforms.

Upon interrogation, the suspects failed to disclose their real identities or explain how they obtained the uniforms, leading authorities to suspect them of impersonation.

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