Man Arrested For K!!ling a Monkey In Awka [See Video]

A man was arrested on Wednesday, March 6, by indigenes of Awka for k**ling a monkey.

Monkeys are considered sacred animals in Awka and it is forbidden to k*ll them.

The man arrested for klling a monkey in the village was seen in a viral video confessing that he has lived in Awka for 24 years and that he was aware that the culture forbids the klling and eating of monkeys.

He explained that he did not intentionally k*ll the monkey, rather he had set a trap in the bush, hoping to catch other bush meat but his trap caught a monkey.

He begged for mercy saying: “I know I have committed, please do not k*ll me, but you can take me anywhere you want.”

The indigenes eventually agreed to spare his life, but told him that the community will take steps to appease the god of the land to avoid repercussions.

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