“Improving Health in Media” A Seminar Organised by Breakthrough Action Nigeria – Uyo

Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria is a new five-year, USAID-funded project. The goal of Breakthrough ACTION/Nigeria is to increase the practice of 17 priority individual and household level behaviors and five provider targeted behaviors in the areas of malaria; maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition; family planning and reproductive health (RH); and tuberculosis, while increasing the capacity of national and sub-national entities to coordinate and oversee quality SBC programming. Implementation will vary by health area across eleven states.

In her four (4) days seminar which commenced today with the topic  “Improving Health in Media” Her objectives are as follows;


  1. To Improve the SBC capacity of media producers and Print Journalists in order to improve the quality and quantity of their Output.
  2. Re-orientate and motivate producers and Journalists on the need to continue to make programs, write features on;
  3. Malaria prevention control and treatment.
  4. Family planning and reproductive health
  5. Producers and Journalists to join in the National fight for a malaria free Nigeria and for families to imbibe the right family planning methods.

The expectations of the Breakthrough Action Nigeria is a pool of media personnel with;

  1. Improved knowledge on how to make better programs on malaria prevention, control and treatment strategies.
  2. Improved knowledge on how to make better programs family planning and reproductive health, and
  3. Equipped with improved knowledge and skills in publishing and/or broadcasting FP and malaria stories (in form of documentaries and feature articles, human angle stories, etc) in the print and electronic media.

More Details coming soon


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