Fire Engulfs Kano Police Station, Measures Taken to Safeguard Weapons

A fire outbreak at the Divisional Police Office in Kano’s Nasarawa Local Government Area has been confirmed by the Nigeria Police Force.

State Police Commissioner Mr. Usaini Gumel disclosed the incident, stating it occurred in the early hours of Monday.

“At about 05:45 a.m., the Divisional Police headquarters was engulfed by fire, with a significant portion of the building completely burned down,” he stated.

Despite the prompt response by the State Fire Service, Gumel noted that an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.

“The area has been cordoned off to prevent intrusion by onlookers and miscreants, ensuring the safety of arms and ammunition stored within,” he added.

Furthermore, Gumel mentioned that efforts are underway to salvage some of the affected documents by the Divisional Police Officer.

This incident marks the second police station fire in Kano this year. Earlier, on January 13, the Kano Police Command headquarters in Bompai was engulfed by fire, affecting multiple offices on the top floor of the police command building constructed in 1967.

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