‘Enough Is enough, Two Bullets In Your Head Is My Target’ – Angry Husband Sends Death Threat To Rich Banker Who Has Been Sleeping With His Wife (Photos)

“Two bullets in your head is my target” – Angry husband sends death threat letter to senior bank official allegedly sleeping with his wife, vows to release their sex videos. The life of a married Ugandan bank employee, Ivan Kituka is in danger after a man who simply identified himself as Sozzi threatened to have him killed for allegedly sleeping with his wife in different hotels and lodges.
Mr Kituka (pictured) is the Senior Manager Branch Performance and Customer Experience at Housing Finance Bank, (HFB) in Kampala.

The two-page letter written by the said Sozi, titled ‘RE: I COMMIT TO SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD AT BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR PERISTENTLY F*CKING MY WIFE’, and addressed to Ivan Kituka, copied to the Chief Executive Officer HFB, Commercial Banking Supervisor HFB, and other senior managers of the bank, was obtained by journalists on Monday, October 12.

According to Mr Sozzi, he had repeatedly warned Mr Kituka to leave his wife and family alone, adding that he once slapped the banker in front of his customers and subordinates hoping that the embarrassment would make him leave his wife but he didn’t.

“For a long time you have f*c** my wife at your will and wish from the time you were her supervisor in Ntinda. You have continued to f*c* her over the years and you have broken my family to the lowest level,” the letter reads. “In your work station you have mounted my wife you pig. I have tried to warn you, physically, like I did slap in front of your customers and subordinates in your Kololo Branch, I thought that embarrassment would make you leave my wife but you haven’t, my wife dresses like a prostitute because of you,” Mr Sozzi accused the banker of faking official trips to the USA and UK on official duty with his wife in order to continue having sex with her.

“All those trips you have been faking with my wife to UK and US ‘Mbu’ on official duty that was merely to defraud the bank to fund your devilish intentions with my wife. I have in my possession videos of you f*c*ing my wife in a lodge I can’t mention here. I can’t imagine like you pig, you ugly thing, incompetently f*c**ing my wife in the video yet you have a wife. You with your matchstick P***s entering the V***a of my wife. Oh Noo!!,” he added. He then threatened to release videos of Kituka allegedly having sex with his wife in different hotels and lodges on social media.
“These days you even jog around the streets of Kololo with my wife and then you proceed to your usual rooms for you to lick her c**** as she licks your match stick like p***s, oho you pig I have the videos of such evil ways of yours with my wife and let me make this clear to you, I’m going to make these videos clear for print and social media for your wife and children to know.”
“Enough is enough. I have a budget on you. You have to learn to respect other people and people’s families. Two bullets in your head and chest is my bottom line and no turning back” “My boys who are to do the job are on record for outstanding accuracy on Targets. As I said, at the best opportunity, they will hit you. This may be in the morning, afternoon or evening , I will shoot”.

Source: weetalknaija.com.ng


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