CRUTECH Vice Chancellor Communicate Visions For CRUTECH Under His Administration

Professor Augustine Angba – VC CRUTECH

The Vice Chancellor of the Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTECH), Professor Augustine Angba during a live session on Fad93.1fm Calabar on 26th January, 2021 has revealed that CRUTECH is one of the few Universities to first set up a covid19 panel for COVID compliance protocol. He also mentioned that CRUTECH contains 1900 sitting space at a time. And to effect the 2m distance covid19 guideline, the 1900 spacing has to be divided by 3 to contain 600 people at a time.

He also communicated his visions for CRUTECH under his administration. Amongst which are:

– Build upon the success of his predecessor

– Good speed in terms of development

– CRUTECH AGENDA. (To be ranked amongst the top 10 university in Nigeria)

– The concept of Volunteer student workers who will pick up forms and determine the areas where they will volunteer and get paid. He added that in a meeting with JAC last week, he had come to an agreement for their demands and it will be a surprise to him if they embark on strike.

Speaking on tuition fees, Professor Augustine Angba responded to questions about the promise of the state Governor on the suspension of tuition fees for INDIGENES of CRUTECH and the school policy of “no fees no exams”. He said CRUTECH fees consists of 18 items which the tuition fee is one of them. And currently students are owing the school a total of N1.46 billion Naira on unpaid fees. He also added that towards the government promise, time and process for documentation is required and when this is done, the Indigenes will be exempted.

He also responded to the question of “WHY CRUTECH GRADUATE TRAINEES ARE PAID LESS AS COMPARED TO OTHER UNIVERSITIES”. He said, they are aware of the price rate before accepting the job. “Anyone willing for a step up should get a master’s and will be fully received to the system” he added.

He also discussed ways he plans on curbing Insecurity/cultism in CRUTECH by rewarding good behaviours/ values amongst students. Engaging students consistently. Introduction Community policing.

He also added that illumination has been carried out already with the installation of 60 street solar panel in Calabar campus and the target is to install a total number of 400 street solar panels and which other campuses will follow suit.

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