Another truck loaded with 29 Almajiris and herdsmen intercepted by Hon Signor at the Gakem border

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In a bid to continue the fight against COVID-19 and to continue to maintain the free status of Cross River State. The Cross River State Government is still enforcing no entry at the Gakem/Benue Border.

The Border witnessed another influx of Almajiris and suspected herdsmen who try to sneak into the State. The Almajiris had device another trick to sneak into the State, but unknown to them the securities at the border were still on check.

A J5 vehicle carrying 29 suspected Almajiris/herdsmen coming from Kano State was apprehended at the Gakem Border and was forced to return back to wherever they came from. This was done by the order of the Honourable Commissioner for Youths and Skills Acquisition, Hon Signor Omang Idiege who have been at the border ever since the outbreak, ensuring that there is no entry through that route.

The J5 and the passengers where returned back with escort to ensure they don’t divert and look for another means to sneak into the state.

Hon Signor have expresses displeasure in such act by the drivers and is urging Cross Riverians to be at alert, vigilant and very security conscious as no one can tell the true intentions of the Almajiris as they are always looking for all possible means to sneak into the State.

“I want to urge every Cross Riverians to be at alert, vigilant and be security conscious as the rate at which Almajiris are trying all means to enter the state is so high. No one knows the motive(s) behind the regular influx of this Almajiris into the state. I also want to thank our Digital and Proactive Governor for his effort so far in the fight against COVID-19. He (Governor) has become a reference point for so many states across the country as a great fighter for COVID-19”. Hon Signor said.

Also at the border post were the immediate past Chairman of Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State, Dr Ibrahim Anor in company of Chief Kume Benedict a one time Chairman too and Mr Joseph Pitila who is a Special Assistant to the Governor of Benue State on Agriculture. They all praised the Proactive, Visionary, Digital Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade for his numerous achievements for the State. Dr Ibrahim who spoke on behalf of the team thanked Hon Signor for his effort so far in assuring that the border is completely shutdown against commuters and travellers.

In his words: “My Honourable Commissioner, I am happy to meet you at this particular time, I know that you are a committed human being, and you have gone out to ensure that Cross Riverians are safe from COVID-19. I can remember the other day, you were sent by the able Governor of Cross River State, Sir Ben Ayade to deliver up to 50,000 face masks to Benue State Government as donation to help prevent the virus. And I was the the receiver, I took them on behalf of the Benue State Government and I did exactly what you instructed me to do, I took them to Makurdi and I handed them over to the deputy governor of Benue State. Today I am trying to go to Cross River State to have a good time, you are always here”.

“I want to appreciate you on behalf of Benue State Government, you are doing what you are supposed to do for the safety of Cross Riverians. Don’t think that you are only saving the lives of Cross Riverians, you are also saving the lives of Benue people. I can also see that your people are very cooperative because they do whatever you ask them to do without complain”.

He also added that there is no discrimination in the line of the Commissioner’s duty as the same treatment he is giving to those trying to leave the state is the same treatment he is giving to those trying to enter the state.

He ended by extending his greetings to the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sir Ben Ayade and praying that God gives him more focus, protect him, good health and more live so that he will take Cross River State and the Vandeikya people to the promise land”.

Hon Signor also thanked them for visiting and wish that the cooperation between the two States continue as that would bring peace and a good harmonious relationship. He later gave more than 50 Hand Sanitisers, morning fresh ( liquid soaps) etc for use at the border post.

See pictures of the activities at the border and the Almajiris trying to sneak in

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