NIPOST will take a new shape with Dr Ismail Adebayo

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The Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) has been a key priority in the development of the countries economy since it was established in 1st January 1985, through the promulgation of decree No. 18 of 1987. But addressing system and accurate delivery of packages still remains a problem. The Postmaster General of the Federation, Dr Ismail Adebayo Adewusi outlines what NIPOST is doing in this regard in a live interview session on FAD93.1FM Calabar with Temitope Duker also known as Boss Lady on the Wednesday edition of her regular radio and Instagram show “SERENADE WITH THE BOSS LADY”.

Interview by Temitope Duker.

Growing up as a child, it was exciting seeing the post master going from house to house to deliver letters, now we see less of that because of the internet, so what are you doing to bridge that gap?

The advent of Technology has changed the face of postal service all over the world, even at that mail delivery is still an essential last mile work of the postal service all over the world. Even is some advance countries one the world, they still deliver mails and pass it from house to house and the Nigerian postal service is not an exception.

We still deliver our mails, parcels and documents from house to house all over Nigeria, the truth is that, although there is a declaring volume of mails as a result of internet, and it has affected that segment of postal services, but there are so many other areas that has also come up to replace the traditional mail service.

The e-commerce for an example is one new area that is growing and postal services across the globe are embracing the e-commerce platform, which involves you staying in Nigeria for example ordering for product, packages and lots more from China and it would be delivered at your door step, that is one area that is growing.

Can people still use postal service to send money in NIPOST?

Yes, why the postal money order has disappeared as it where, but it have been replaced by new financial services instrument. For example, NIPOST of today, we have licences to transact in money, we have a platform that does international money transfer, the license was obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria and that is what the Banks are doing but because we have the leads better than the Banks, NIPOST has over 3000 outlets all over Nigeria, so we are at a better place to achieve the delivery of this services to all the nooks and crannies in Nigeria whereby Banks do not have presence, so we have other financial instruments that have replaced that effectively.

What have you brought in to address the occasional loss and violations of mail items?

Well, the truth is that, in a setting like Nigeria, we have a peculiar problem, and one of the most basic problem is lack of proper addresses system in Nigeria. When somebody wants to write a letter, you don’t have proper street address, street name address and for people who do not have post office proxies or private mail bags, you just write an address that is not precise. All of this makes it difficult to trace addresses when the addresses are not properly digitalised, and one of the things we are doing, is to have digital addressing.

The process started before i came and we are building on it to have proper addressing. We are also developing a post code system in line with what we have all over the world. What we have now is not effective because it is not house to house post code, it is area to area. We are working on a process where every house will have its own post code, just as we have in England, Canada and other developed countries. Ones that becomes functional and operational, the issue of addressing and tracing of addresses would become a thing of the past and we are very committed to that and we are going to push hard on that.

What is NIPOST doing to let Nigerians know that they have a wide network that would make their parcels delivered on time rather than patronizing other delivery companies?

It will interest you to note that most people still patronize NIPOST for the delivery of their product, most of the delivery companies in Nigeria are regulated and licensed by NIPOST, we license all of them to operate as a carrier of cargo and logistic items in Nigeria.

Many of them do not have the kind of reach that NIPOST has, they only operate in major cities, meanwhile NIPOST operates into far hinterlands in Nigeria. Many of this delivery companies still patronize us to move products that they can not ordinarily move because of their constraints, so we serve even existing operators of Courier services in addition to the mandate that we have. We are a social service provider.

Can you elaborate for us the role of postal service in e-governance?

The truth is that, the postal service is one stop shop for all services that has to do with e-governance and for us in Nigeria, that is exactly what we have started to do, we are currently partnering with most of the agencies of government to deliver the various products that they handle. We are also trying to partner with Nigerian Immigration Service, so as to make it possible that in our postal outlets, we can issue a Nigeria Passport, you can come there, upload your application, we will work on it and send it to the central server, once it is approved, then we issue the license and send it to our postal outlet close to you, where you can pick your Passport from there. So you don’t need to travel far just to do any government related transactions, those are the areas we are working at right now.

Are they plans to digitalise NIPOST in Nigeria?

Yes, because we operate in a digital economy and we want to achieve a digital post, most of our transactions are IT driven. We have recently developed a digital addressing system that would make it easier.

Are they any plans to partner with JAMB and WAEC?

Yes, I can say that we are partnering with JAMB especially for the CBT examination to provide centres where applicants can write their examination, that process is on and I can assure you that by the next JAMB exam, students can go there and write their exams across the country. Our collaboration with WAEC is to help deliver certificates to candidates rather than wasting time from one WAEC office to the other. The students will apply online, WAEC will send the certificate to NIPOST, then NIPOST would deliver to the candidate.

SERENADE with the BOSSLADY is broadcast live on FAD FM 93.1 and INSTAGRAM thrice weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.30pm to 4pm and hosted by Temitope Duker.

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