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Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatus to convey fluids. The word Plumbing is derived from the Latin word plumbum, as the first effective pipes used in the Roman era were lead pipes.

Are you tired of seeing that wetness on the walls of your building? Tired of lucking your controls, due leakages or spillage?
Look no further, at IFEOMI PLUMBINGS we offer exceptional services, product and services that stands the test of time, neat and quality services to meet your satisfaction, we give value for your money.

IFEOMI PLUMBINGS is one of those plumbing companies in Nigeria that have made plumbing easy and user friendly.

The company started in the early 80s as a conglomerate, by Mr Ifere Omini Ifere. It was a conglomerate with the staff strength of 5-10.

The company was formally registered as ifeomisons enterprises in 2013. Into plumbing service, print media/publishing and stationary/ bookshop.

While speaking with the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr Ifere Omini, he admonished that plumbing business has been part of him even as a teenage and that plumbing business have introduced him to the world and top Engineers across Africa.

In his words: “It started in Calabar, then later opened a branch in Abuja in April 2018. Bida-abuja road, madala, Niger state.

“We operate in both States. For plumbing we work with federal housing authority as sub-contractor, we have together done alot of plumbing jobs, The company has worked with Cross River State water board as sub-contractor, with Green Valley Hotels, Mangel Hotels, Channel View Hotels and many more, to mention but a few”.

“For printing and publishing department we have worked and still working with university of Calabar teaching hospital, ministry of health, ministry of works, general hospital, NGO’s, churches, individuals and cooperate organisations. Mission statement: ”delivering exceptional digital essential services right at your door step, with staff strength of 10-50.

Ever since then, the company has been a top shot in the Plumbing industry with their CREATIVE designs and magnificent concept. IFEOMI PLUMBINGS has made plumbing easy and user friendly not as tough and rigorous as people might see it. They are also calling on Nigerians to do business with them as they deliver their services on time and have fair prices in all their services. A touch of IFEOMI PLUMBINGS meets your satisfaction.

Contact us at:
Head office
Bida-abuja road,
Madala, Niger state
08069371399, 09032357037
Instagrams handle: ifeomiplumbings

Branch office
3 charmly off Victor akan
Calabar south,
Cross River State

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