Traditional Retirement of the EYIMBA Age-grade in Okon-aku Ohafia

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As part of the ways to promote culture and community development in okon-aku ohafia, the Eyimba Age-grade took to the roads of okon-aku in Ohafia L.G.A in Abia state to celebrate their traditional retirement after completing their community project.

The Age-grade system in Okon-aku Ohafia is a age-long tradition of Ohafia as a people. it genesis dates back to the legendary movement of the people from OWAN in the now Edo State to ANDONI in Ogbaru Onitsha, then to ISIEKE and finally tothe present settlement.

The celebration of the EYIMBA Age-grade which took place from 27th December 2019 to 28th December 2019 had series of activities which made it one of the most remarkable Traditional Retirement in the history of Age-grade system in Okon-aku Ohafia.

“IGBA EKPE”,”IPU OGO” or “IGBA OTAOMU” in Ohafia is a historical, developmental and generational event which comes up once in the life of every sons and daughters of Ohafia either by birth, marriage or naturalization.

it was a moment of joy and merriment as various families and friends moved round the village with Umbrellas, traditional attires, songs and great dance steps to mark the celebration and traditional retirement of the Eyimba Age-grade.

The celebration did not end without the historical,popular and legendary dance step of the Ohafia people which is called the Ohafia War dance and the Masquerade(EKPE) play.

Members of the Eyimba Age-grade expressed gratitude to God for giving them the strength to build a good road from Okon nta to almost Oguma market.

The Eyimba Age-grade handed over the system to the next Age-grade called OGANIRUMBA Age-grade.

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