Early Risers meeting with the Management of Fad93.1fm

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The Early Risers Forum had a meeting with the Management of Fad93.1fm on Thursday 7th November, 2019 at Fadfmcalabar. The meeting was organized to discuss the way forward of the forum and areas where the Forum will like the Management to support.

The President of the Forum, Mama Africa (popular name) said she is delighted to be part of the Forum, and that she was so glad to see Mr Tony Kao (A Director with Startimes Group) in the meeting. She thanked the Management of Fad93.1fm for giving them the platform to express themselves on radio. “I remember when we started, it was a two man’s business, but today we are up to one hundred” she said.

One focus during the meeting was the consistency of the organisers of the Programme, which has become one of the strength of the Radio Station.

The speaker of the Forum, Mr Sammy Andy proposed working with Fad93.1fm to achieve great success through the Early Risers Programme. “We’re hoping we will work in collaboration with Fad93.1fm and be more efficient and effective in our programme. I even remembered when my wife was asking me why I love Fad93.1fm so much than any other radio station. I told her that Fad93.1fm has made me so popular and current. They have given me opportunity to express myself and air out my mind on radio” Andy said.

The C.E.O Fad93.1fm/FAD360TV Mr Fidelis Duker also applauded the Early Risers team for their commitment towards the programme and asked them to keep up the pace. “More than half a million people wake up very early just to listen to your programme, and it is very interesting and engaging. The beauty of it is that you have now gotten your own fans and i am assuring your forum that we will do all we can to support your programme.” Duker said.

Mr Tony Kao. A Director with Startimes Group was also present in the meeting. “I am so happy to join this meeting, Firstly I Love Fad. In china we have done lots of radio jingles in many different Province. I used to be a sound Engineer, I know that sound is the voice of the soul, so everything you have heard from the radio is true. Music, advertisement, conversation is sometimes true. On the other hand, the television is just what you can see, the drama, movies, play are just stories. They are not real life. Radio is real life. I am so happy to be a part Fad93.1fm  and for you guys to come around to express your feelings and celebrate fad93.1fm. It means everyone loves Fad93.1fm. As a Director with Startimes Group I also want to do business with Fad360tv and we are very close to achieving that. I look forward to  see their Channel.” Kao said.

Early Risers members present were

  • Gabrini – Cordinator
  • Air Balance Boy – Logistic
  • Sammy Andy The Great – Speaker Of The House
  • Maria – Class Rep
  • Eniang Umoh – Deputy Speaker
  • Isong Eyenemem – Member
  • Eyo – Member
  • Different Man – Member
  • Obong Etta Saba – P.R.O
  • Mama Africa – President
  • Idem Ita – Member

Mr Idem Ita (Double Eye) who happens to be the brain behind the Early Risers morning programme, thanked his Forum and the Management Team of Fad93.1fm for their support towards the programme.

Mrs Temitope Duke, Marketing Manager Fad93.1fm and the wife of the C.E.O also thanked the Forum for choosing to pay the station a visit and assured them that the door is always open for them whenever they need support. “First of all, I will like to thank everyone here and every member of Early Risers Forum, I am so happy to put faces to the names. You guys have added value to the station and I am sure a lot of people are so much interested in the programme. On our own part we are appealing to your forum to also promote our station as we will also be ready to support you whenever you need our assistance. ” She said.

Mr Fidelis Duker also introduced his Staff members:

Mr Idem Ita (Double Eye) – Head of Station

Mrs Temitope Duker – Marketing Manager

Mr Kingsley Kendrick (FadaKane) – OAP

Mr Kingsley Nwachukwu – Personal Assistant to the C.E.O

Mr Emmanuel Ukpo Onwuka – Social Media Assistant

Miss Favour  – Receptionist

And many others

The management of Fad93.1fm assured the forum that they will do all they can to support the forum and also do video coverage of any of their upcoming event.

The Coordinator of the Forum, Mr Gabrini ended the meeting by appreciating Fad93.1fm in three ways

  1. Thank you
  2. Thank you very much
  3. Thank you very very very much

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