Dead body found in Elneny’s home in Egypt

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The father of Egyptian football star Mohammed Elneny discovered a dead body in his son’s house located in Gharbia Governorate

Egyptian security operatives have started an investigation into the corpse found in Mohamed Elneny’s home.

The house, situated in the Egyptian city of El Mahalla El Kubra, is still under construction, although the 25-year-old Arsenal midfielder does not stay there.

His father, Naser Elneny, found the body ‘in the patio’ and informed the police immediately, who have started investigations to identify the victim and the cause of his death.

“My son Mohamed has a villa in the city of Mahalla, 123 kilometres north of Cairo, but no one lives there.” the father told newsmen

“I was heading to the villa, to make some repairs to become the head office of a charity to serve the people of Mahalla, but I found the body of the deceased man holding the electricity wire so I called the police.”

The report further stated that the friends of the deceased youth, who were registered on his phone, are all held in custody and have already been charged in many cases.

Elneny’s father disclosed how he assured his son, Mohamed to “calm down nothing happened and the case finished”.

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