I’ll kill myself before May 29 if Buhari loses, man threatens in social media post

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A man identified as Adamu Kabir Matazu has taken to Facebook to say if Buhari loses elections, he will commit suicide.

Adamu Kabir Matazu had taken to his Facebook page with the threat:

“If Buhari lose (sic) the February 16th Presidential election, I will commit suicide before May 29th because I can’t afford to live under Atiku Presidency. So help me God.”

Matazu’s Facebook page is filled with posts which shows his unalloyed support for the All Progressives Congress candidate and incumbent President, Buhari.

From photographs to timeline posts, Matazu couldn’t seem to have enough of Buhari.

The post, which has gained 335 comments and 181 shares, attracted comments that ranged between commendation and absolute commendation.

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